Beard depilation

Beard depilation: Put an end to the drudgery of shaving!

Daily shaving in men causes many problems. Whether it’s folliculitis in the most severe cases, or simple irritation, shaving is not always easy.

Thus, to get rid of it permanently or to redesign it to avoid maintenance, more and more men are resorting to laser beard hair removal. Focus on this technique which is increasingly practiced by laser hair removal specialists.

Beard depilation: the technique

The aim of beard hair removal is to permanently get rid of beard hairs. Men may use laser hair removal for several reasons:

  • For aesthetic reasons. Indeed, when men grow a beard, it can be pleasant for them not to have to take care of it constantly. Thus, to avoid any maintenance, it is not uncommon that some people wish to resort to laser hair removal of the beard.
  • For a question of hygiene. The beard can sometimes be the seat of bacteria, impurities and other germs. Thus, laser hair removal appears to be the ideal solution to get rid of hair and avoid daily shaving.
  • When practicing certain sports, such as ballet, dancers must have a beard. In order to avoid daily shaving, which can cause irritation, it is possible to use laser hair removal.
  • Finally, when shaving is too frequent, the skin may be irritated and folliculitis may appear. Folliculitis is an infection of the hair follicle characterized by the appearance of red pimples topped by a white spot. Laser hair removal can then make the hair softer and thus prevent skin irritation.
Épilation barbe | Beard depilation

Beard depilation: the session

The beard hair is thick and very dense. As the hair grows back quickly, the first hair removal sessions should be held close together in order to treat as many growing hairs as possible. They then gradually grow apart.

The doctor first removes hair from the most sensitive areas, such as the moustache, chin and sideburns, and then from the cheeks, which are less sensitive.

If a paradoxical regrowth is observed, i.e. hair growth on an area not treated by the laser, but close to a treated surface, the number of sessions and the duration of the treatment may be extended.

The results

The result of the lipofilling is visible immediately. However, one to three sessions will be necessary to obtain the final result.

At each session, a part of the fat tissue graft will take and another part will be progressively resorbed. It is therefore necessary, from the outset, for the patient to prepare psychologically for a small disappointment right after the operation. In general, the amount of fat decreases by 30 to 60% depending on the case. This decrease in volume should not be confused with the final result, which is definitive.

The injected fat then reacts in the same way as the fat present elsewhere on the body. Its quantity increases if the person gets fatter and decreases if they lose weight. But whatever the weight variations, the shape of the area treated by lipostructure will be maintained in proportion.

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