Belly Liposuction

Belly liposuction: how to get rid of the bulges?

Repeated pregnancies, serial diets or even heredity are all causes of the appearance of fat in your belly. Once installed, this unsightly little buoy is resistant to dieting or sport and you can’t get rid of it. A cosmetic surgery operation is then necessary to eliminate it effectively. And why, in this case, not resort to liposuction to regain a flat stomach?

What is belly liposuction?

Belly liposuction is a procedure that allows the suctioning of excess fat from the abdomen. This cosmetic surgery operation therefore treats excess fat cells without excess skin. 

In case of a small belly with little fat to remove, gentle liposuction is an alternative to surgery.

However, this procedure is not suitable for people who wish to remove visceral fat. It is therefore not a treatment for obesity, but an operation to regain a harmonious figure.

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Belly Liposuction: How the procedure is carried out

When you wish to resort to a tummy tuck, it is necessary to see your surgeon during a first consultation. During this consultation, he will examine your belly, but also your entire silhouette.

During the operation, the surgeon performs liposuction in several stages:

  • With a surgical felt-tip pen, he delimits the area to be treated.
  • Then, after disinfecting the area of the abdomen, he injects a solution that liquefies the fat cells and facilitates their aspiration.
  • He then makes hidden incisions in the fold of the groin, pubis or navel.
  • A cannula with a rounded tip and connected to a suction system is then introduced. It allows you to aspirate the fat deposits with back and forth movements performed by your surgeon..;
  • Once the fat has been sucked out, he closes the incisions and applies a bandage to your scars.

Belly liposuction: anaesthesia, duration, hospitalization

Belly liposuction lasts between one and two hours depending on the amount of fat sucked out by the practitioner.

Usually, a general anaesthetic is used during this procedure. However, it is possible to use local anesthesia. The type of anesthesia for a belly liposuction will be decided by mutual agreement between you, the surgeon and the anesthesiologist.

Hospitalization for a tummy tuck is usually done on an outpatient basis. However, if other procedures are performed at the same time as the liposuction, it is possible to stay overnight in the clinic.

The results

The first results will be visible immediately after belly liposuction. Your figure is visibly more harmonious. However, you must wait three months for the results to really take hold, until the swelling and bruising subside. The skin adapts to the new volume of the abdomen and then gradually retracts.

You will have to see the surgeon for regular check-ups that will allow him to appreciate the evolution of the results of your belly liposuction. If he notices an imperfection of result, he will then be able to proceed to some rectifications that only require simple gestures. A delay of about three months between your belly liposuction and the correction operation must however be respected.

You will have to wait about 12 months for your scars to fade and for you to be able to appreciate the result as a whole. Today, belly liposuction offers optimal results. The belly is flatter and reshaped.

Belly liposuction allows you to have a long-lasting and definitive result. Indeed, the fat cells or adipocytes do not have the ability to remultiply. The result is then entirely satisfactory and radical. Nevertheless, it is necessary to follow a healthy lifestyle. Fat cells can move to other areas of your body and weight gain after liposuction is unsightly.

The quality of the result of liposuction depends on the elasticity and tone of your skin. If the quality of your skin is optimal, it will then naturally tighten after the procedure.

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