Bikini laser depilation

Bikini laser depilation: how to be always perfect?

Razor, wax, depilator, depilatory cream, and sometimes even tweezers? You have tried every possible and unimaginable method to get rid of your hair, but nothing works. Too long, the results are not perfect enough, there are always small hairs that prevent you from putting on your bikini line and wearing it proudly on the beach or at the pool.

So why not resort to bikini laser hair removal? No more hair removal drudgery, no more ingrown hairs and no more inconveniences. Let’s take stock of bikini waxing, a technique that is becoming more and more popular.

Bikini depilation: the technique

Laser hair removal is a technique that allows you to get rid of your hair in an almost definitive way. Several sessions are necessary and, over the course of the sessions, a reduction in the number of hairs, but also a slowing down of their growth, can be observed.

Laser bikini laser hair removal is not uncommon and many women now use this technique to get rid of excessively developed hair. Today, it is even possible to have several types of bikini line:

  • Classic bikini line where only the hair sticking out of the panties is removed;
  • Notched bikini, the lips are not plucked, but the bikini line is notched;
  • Brazilian bikini where only a small rectangle or triangle is left on the front of the pubis;
  • Full bikini where no hair is left on the pubis or lips.
Épilation maillot | bikini depilation | intime | intimate

Bikini depilation: the session

In general, 8 to 10 laser bikini waxing sessions are required. Each session should be spaced about 6 to 8 weeks apart depending on regrowth.

Each bikini waxing session lasts about 20-30 minutes. It all depends on the size of the area to be treated and your hairiness.

Before your first bikini waxing session, it is essential that you consult a specialist doctor. During this visit, he or she will examine your skin and hair to detect any possible contraindications to the follow-up of this operation.

On the day of your first bikini waxing session, the practitioner re-examines the area to be depilated. He or she will try to detect any herpes lesions or pimples and check the shaving of the area. If the bikini line is not shaved properly, the doctor may shave it himself.

Protective eyewear must be worn during the session for both you and the practitioner. The doctor will then adjust the device and perform a test to check the laser intensity on a small part of your body. After the test, he scans the area to be depilated using a handpiece.

Finally, after the session, he applies a moisturizing and soothing cream to the bikini area to soothe pain and redness.

The results

After your bikini waxing sessions, almost all the hair is destroyed. More than 90% of the hair will no longer grow back unless there is a hormonal change, such as during the menopause. In all cases, annual maintenance sessions are to be planned in order to preserve the benefits of the procedure.

In most cases, bikini waxing offers completely satisfactory results to women who have had this procedure.

Finally, in 10 to 15% of cases, a fine, very light and not very visible down will remain.

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