Blepharoplasty: Correcting drooping eyelids

With age, alcohol, tobacco or genetics, drooping eyelids that distort the look and make it look sad, dull and tired can be embarrassing. A source of many complexes in some people, they can accentuate facial aging and make you look older.

This is why cosmetic surgery can help you regain a certain well-being through blepharoplasty. Your eyes will then be more toned and you will look at least ten years younger. A minimally invasive procedure with immediate results, it is not surprising that eyelid surgery is one of the most commonly performed procedures.

The blepharoplasty operation

Drooping eyelids are often associated with a sign of aging. Indeed, with age, the skin is less elastic, toned and loses its suppleness. The face sags, eyelids begin to droop and the eyes may appear puffy.

As a result, many people today have recourse to cosmetic surgery to treat sagging eyelids. This is called blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery. This procedure allows the eyes to look younger and less tired. It blurs the signs of age on the eyelids.

After the operation, you can say goodbye to your drooping eyelids, dark circles, fat bags or fine lines and herniated fat under the eyes.

Blépharoplastie | Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty: the process of the operation

Before the operation, a first consultation is carried out with your surgeon to perform an ophthalmological check-up and to know your history. This is an opportunity for him to eliminate certain contraindications, but also to know your needs and wishes.

On the day of the blepharoplasty, the surgeon adopts a technique of his own. Nevertheless, he will respect certain basic steps:

  • He makes skin incisions on the lower and upper eyelids. The scars are then hidden between the mobile and fixed part of the eyelid and at the level of the eyelashes;
  • After these incisions, he proceeds to the removal of fat hernias and excess skin on the eyelids;
  • The practitioner then sutures the incisions with very fine, non-absorbable threads.

If the surgeon only treats a pouch under the eyes without skin slackening, the conjunctival route may be preferred. The scar is then hidden at the level of the internal mucous membrane of the eyelid.

Anesthesia, duration, hospitalization

Anaesthesia can be local or general depending on your wishes and your surgeon’s recommendations. The operation can also be performed with or without hospitalization and will be decided in agreement with your anesthetist and your surgeon.

A blepharoplasty lasts between half an hour and an hour depending on the practitioner and the technique used.

Blepharoplasty: the results

The first results are visible at the end of the intervention. The eyes appear more rested and the person is visibly ten years younger.

The result will be optimal three to six months after the operation. This is the time it takes for the skin tissues to regain their suppleness and for the swelling and bruising to disappear. The final result will be seen after one year, when the scars have completely faded and are no longer visible.

The benefit of blepharoplasty is definitive for the bags under the eyes, because the bags never reappear. It lasts about ten years for skin sagging once the effects of time are visible again.

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