Breast aesthetic surgery

Aesthetic breast surgery (or mammoplasty) includes all breast surgery procedures that aim to change the shape, size or support of the breasts.

Our solutions for breast aesthetic surgery


Aesthetic breast surgery accompanies women at all stages of life. In young adults, when the volume of the breasts does not reflect the image of desired femininity. When pregnancy and breastfeeding have altered breasts sometimes for the worse. And finally in the mature woman who sees her breasts sagging.

Lipofilling mammaire | Breast lipofilling

Breast lipofilling

Breast augmentation by lipofilling is an innovative, effective and long-lasting solution.
Débridage des mamelons | Nipple Debridement

Nipple Debridement

A procedure that releases nipples that have entered the areola of the breast.
Prothèses mammaires | Breast prosthesis I Implants

Breast prosthesis

Reconstruct the shape or increase the volume of the breasts
Lifting mammaire | Breast lifting

Breast lifting

Surgery that lifts a sagging chest.
Réduction mammaire | Breast reduction

Breast reduction

A procedure that reduces the size of the chest.


Aesthetic breast surgery in men eliminates fat in case of overweight or reduces the mammary gland that appears at the time of andropause.

gynécomastie | Gynecomastia | Implants


A procedure that reduces the mammary gland and/or removes fat.