Breast lipofilling

Breast lipofilling: how to increase the size of your breasts without prostheses?

How can you get bigger breasts without having a foreign body implanted in your chest? Breast lipofilling provides an innovative solution to this problem. In fact, lipofilling is a breast surgery procedure that consists of removing fat by liposuction and reinjecting it into the chest.

Breast lipofilling: What is it?

With the various controversies that have occurred over the past decade, many patients have become resistant to breast implant surgery to increase the size of their breasts.

Even though the monitoring and control of prostheses has been drastically reformed and implant placement techniques have evolved, breast augmentation by prosthesis is not the only solution. Indeed, for moderate breast augmentation (to gain one to two cups), breast augmentation by lipofilling is an innovative, high-performance and long-lasting solution.

Moreover, breast lipofilling improves the tone of the skin on the breasts, creating a lifting effect.

Lipofilling mammaire | Breast lipofilling

Breast lipofilling: procedure description

Fat injected into the chest is fat taken from another part of the patient’s body. This is the double effect of lipofilling: to increase the size of the breasts and to refine the silhouette, by taking fat from the patient’s own fat deposits to achieve breast lipostructure.

And to remove fat from the abdomen, knees or thighs, the practitioner will use liposuction, or lipoaspiration. Most often, this liposuction is performed at the level of the horse’s breeches or belly.

He makes fine incisions in the natural folds of the skin, before inserting small cannulas with rounded, non-sharp ends, directly into the area with excess fat to be reinjected into the chest. This fat will be aspirated by a liposuction machine.

The fat removed cannot be reinjected as it is. It must be treated and refined. To do this, the practitioner will wash, clean the fat, sieve it and remove all the most fibrous fat cells, in order to fluidify the injectable fat. A finer fat allows a more precise lipofilling.

This fat is then centrifuged and evenly distributed in the breasts. For this, the surgeon uses fine cannulas.

Whatever the patient’s request, the practitioner does not inject more than 200 to 250 cubic centimetres of fat per breast. This limitation optimizes the chances of success of the graft.

At the end of the operation, the surgeon closes the incisions with absorbable thread and applies a dressing and a compression bra.

Breast lipofilling: anaesthesia, duration, hospitalization

Breast lipofilling is performed on an outpatient basis under general anaesthesia. The patient will therefore not spend the night in the clinic.

The results

It takes between 3 and 6 months to see the final result of breast lipofilling. This result is stable and long-lasting. However, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a stable weight.

Breast lipofilling can also be combined with PRP injections. Platelet-rich plasma improves the grip of the fat graft. There is also a natural push-up effect and the breasts are rounder and firmer.

This procedure is increasingly successful. Patients who have undergone breast lipofilling are very satisfied with the results obtained. Moreover, the side effect of lipofilling is that it allows a slimming of the silhouette thanks to liposuction.

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