Breast prosthesis

Breast prostheses: beautiful and harmonious breasts

The breast prosthesis is a medical device used in breast surgery to reconstruct the shape of the breasts or to increase the volume of the breasts. The ultimate symbol of femininity, the installation of breast prostheses can have an aesthetic impact and help improve the well-being of some women and erase several complexes.

The technique for fitting breast prostheses

Also called “implants”, these prostheses are round and curved. It is a silicone shell, containing an artificial liquid. The contents of the prosthesis can be either silicone gel or saline (plus liquid).

Thanks to developments in cosmetic surgery, today there are different breast prostheses available depending on the desired result, as well as several application techniques.

The purpose of a breast prosthesis is to modify the shape and volume of the breast.

Several reasons can lead some women to resort to the installation of breast prostheses:

  • An increase in the volume of the breast
  • Asymmetrical breast hypotrophy (one breast smaller than the other) and the desire to restore a more harmonious volume to the breast.
  • A loss of breast volume following a major weight loss or pregnancy.
  • A chest that is too flat due to an underdevelopment of the mammary glands.
  • A loss of skin elasticity in the chest area due to the effects of age.
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Breast prosthesis fitting: the process of the operation

During a first consultation with your surgeon, you will have the opportunity to discover all the modalities of the operation. The surgeon will make a precise diagnosis in order to tell you if you are eligible for such an operation.

Then, after choosing the type of implant and expressing your wishes, a 3D simulation can be made. Thanks to this immersive experience, you will be able to see the results you will obtain after the breast implants are fitted.

In order to perform such a cosmetic surgery operation, hospitalization is required.

Breast implants are fitted as follows:

The surgeon makes an incision of about 4 cm on the left and right side of the chest in order to insert the breast implants at the desired location.

The incision can be made in several places, depending on the desired result: under the breast fold, through or around the nipple or in the hollow of each armpit. After a period of one year, the scar will be invisible.

The location of the prosthesis in the breast, defined beforehand, may vary according to the surgeon’s indications.

  • The retro-glandular position
  • The retro-chest position
  • The dual plane position

After the operation, the prescription of painkillers will reduce some pain in patients. The appearance of oedemas fades after 3 weeks. A week’s rest is to be expected, as well as very limited physical activity (prohibition to carry loads or to drive, etc.). Sporting activity can be resumed after only two months.

The results obtained following the fitting of a breast prosthesis are guaranteed, visible and definitive. The day after the operation, you will already be able to see the increase in volume of your new breast.

Breast prostheses: anaesthesia, duration, hospitalization

The fitting of breast prostheses requires an overnight stay in the clinic. It is a heavy surgical operation and is performed only under general anaesthesia. The duration of the operation is about 1 hour. The medical teams will keep you under observation for 1 night to ensure your well-being.

The results

The result of a breast prosthesis fitting is immediate. From the next day, the patient can see the new volume of her breasts. However, it will be necessary to wait before appreciating the final result. Indeed, the edema formed following the operation does not disappear completely after 3 months. In addition, the breasts become progressively softer after the implants are placed.

The installation of prostheses does not alter in any way the sensitivity of the nipples. The patient can continue to breastfeed, fly, sleep on her stomach or play sports.

The result is not definitive. A breast prosthesis has a lifespan of about 20 years. But only wear and tear or complications will force their change.

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