Breast reduction

Breast reduction: how to reduce an opulent breast?

Breasts are often subject to many complexes. For example, when they are too flat, they can cause psychological discomfort for women. However, when they are too large, they can also be the source of many physical problems. Thus, some women with opulent breasts may resort to breast reduction surgery to regain a harmonious figure and a comfortable lifestyle.

Breast reduction: What is it?

Excessive breast volume in a woman is called breast enlargement. Breasts can become too large at the end of breast growth, during puberty, after pregnancy or after significant weight gain. Often, breast ptosis can be associated with breast enlargement. The breasts are then sagging due to the weight of the breast.

Thus, a breast reduction can be performed as early as the end of puberty. This operation then consists of reducing the volume of the breasts by removing some of the mammary gland. The breasts are then lifted and the skin is re-draped to ensure optimal support of the breasts and to restore the shape of the breasts.

Réduction mammaire | Breast reduction

Breast reduction: process of the operation

Before the operation, the surgeon performs a first consultation with you. This allows him to know your history, but also your needs and your problems.

On the day of the operation, the breast reduction is done in several distinct stages:

  • The surgeon begins by delimiting the area to be treated with a surgical felt pen.
  • He then removes the excess mammary gland and lifts the breast gland.
  • Then, he redrapes the skin to shape and maintain the new breasts. A possible asymmetry of the breast can also be corrected by your surgeon at the same time as the breast reduction.
  • The plastic surgeon then reduces the areola and repositions it. The same applies to the nipples.
  • The skin is sutured with absorbable sutures and drains are put in place to prevent the appearance of haematoma.
  • Finally, the surgeon applies a modelling dressing to the scars.

Breast reduction: anaesthesia, duration, hospitalization

A breast reduction lasts between two and three hours and is performed under general anaesthesia. You will then have to stay one or two nights in the clinic.

The results

From the day after the breast reduction operation, the shape of the new breast is already clearly visible. The breasts are reduced, perfectly symmetrical and positioned higher. You can see the before/after breast reduction.

After three months, once the swelling has subsided, the breasts become less bulging and the breast tissue becomes softer. In the sixth month the shape and volume of the breasts will be definitive. The healing process will be complete after a year.

The result is definitive. However, be careful not to lose too much weight after the operation, which can cause the breasts to become flabby.

Well in her head and comfortable in her body, the woman feels lighter and freer of her movements. She dresses as she wishes, can practice all sports and regains total comfort in her back, shoulders and neck. She regains self-confidence in her intimate life and avoids the often inappropriate looks and comments on her chest.

Pregnancy is allowed six months after the reduction plasty although it is advisable to do this procedure when the woman no longer wants children. The possibility of breastfeeding is not guaranteed, as the galactophoric ducts may have been cut during the operation.

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