Buttock depilation

Laser Buttock depilation: how to stop being too hairy?

Buttock hair in both men and women can be prone to many complexes. Because of their location, it can be difficult to shave or wax them. As a result, many people no longer hesitate to use laser hair removal to get rid of hair in the buttock. Let’s take stock of this procedure.

Buttock depilation: the technique

Buttock hair removal aims to gradually get rid of hair in the gluteal fold and buttocks. On this part of the body, the hair can be thick and very visible in some or fine and not very coloured in others.

Similarly, buttock hair in men is much more developed than in women. However, when a hormonal imbalance with hyperandrogenism is noted, then excessive hair development in the buttocks can be observed in women.

Buttock hair has several causes:

  • Heredity: Mediterranean populations have a more developed buttock hair.
  • During a hormonal upheaval such as during pregnancy, when stopping the pill or even at menopause.
  • In case of pathology of the hair system such as hirsutism or hypertrichosis.
Épilation fesses | Buttock depilation

Buttock depilation: The Session

For buttock hair removal, it takes between 4 and 6 sessions for women and 6 and 8 sessions for men. The number of sessions depends on your hairiness, but also on the size of the area to be treated.

Each session lasts between 30 and 40 minutes and varies according to your hairiness.

Before the intervention, a first consultation with the doctor is necessary to enable him to detect possible contraindications and to examine the patient’s skin and hair. It is on this occasion that he determines the number of sessions necessary for the treatment, but also the intensity of the laser.

On the day of the operation, the practitioner re-examines the patient’s skin and hair and checks that the hair removal area has been properly shaved. Because of the difficulty of shaving the gluteal area, the doctor may have to do it himself.

He then adjusts the device. He gives the patient protective glasses before performing a laser test on a small part of your body. Finally, he will perform a scan of the area using a handpiece. A few seconds are enough to destroy about ten hairs.

After the session, he will apply a moisturizing cream to the treated area to reduce redness and itching.

The results

Over the course of the sessions, the regrowth is slower and slower and the hairs become finer. Thus, at the end of the treatment, about 90% of the hair no longer grows back. However, annual maintenance sessions should be scheduled to maintain the benefits of laser hair removal.

In most cases, buttock hair removal offers a long-lasting and very satisfying result.

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