Buttock Lipofilling

Buttock lipofilling: For a beautifully rounded buttocks

Buttock lipofilling consists of increasing the volume of the buttocks by injecting its own fat. This lipofilling technique is 100% natural and does not involve any foreign body.

Indications for buttock lipofilling

Buttock lipofilling is for men and women who wish to :

  • Increase the volume of the buttocks.
  • Beautify the shape of the buttocks.
  • Firm a sagging buttocks.

It is imperative to have sufficient fat reserves to obtain the desired volume. It is important to know this because some of the fat will be reabsorbed in the weeks following the fat injections. Therefore, very thin people will have to resort to an augmentation with a buttock implant instead.

Lipofilling fessier | Buttock Lipofilling

The process of the operation

The buttock lipofilling procedure is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts between one and three hours. The patient usually spends one night in the clinic.

For the buttocks, the surgeon needs a significant amount of fat. He systematically begins by doing a liposuction of the hips and the horse breeches because slimming the figure in these precise places will allow him to redraw the fall of the kidneys and the shape of the buttocks before injecting the fat. Depending on the needs, he can also suck out the fat from the belly or any other area where it is in excess.

It then centrifuges the fat and distributes it evenly over the upper part of the buttocks with fine cannulas. The volume of a buttock augmentation by fat injection varies between 200 and 250 cc.

The advantages of buttock lipostructure :

  • The fat is an autologous product, 100% natural. There is therefore no risk of allergy or rejection.
  • There are no scars, just thin, almost invisible incisions of less than a millimeter.

At the end of the operation, the surgeon closes the incisions with absorbable thread.

Gluteal lipofilling can be combined with the placement of a gluteal implant. The fat better separates the prosthesis from the skin and gives a more natural appearance while smoothing the orange peel skin.

The after-effects of fat injection

There’s swelling and bruising, which disappears in a few weeks. It is advisable to sleep on your stomach for three weeks and, as far as possible, to sit on the lower part of the buttocks. Resumption of activities is done after one week. For sports, you should wait at least 1 month.

The results

The result of buttock lipofilling is visible immediately but will be definitive after three to six months. The buttocks are rounded, firmer and better shaped. It is quite normal for them to lose up to 30% of their volume in the weeks following the procedure. This is why a second operation six months apart is common. Once the fat graft has set, it is permanent. Fat cells are living tissue. If weight is gained or lost, the buttocks will also increase or decrease in volume.

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