Cheekbone laser depilation

Cheekbone laser depilation: how to say goodbye to your fuzz?

In women, the cheekbones can also be the site of unsightly small hairs. Indeed, down, although natural, can sometimes become more visible and be the cause of significant aesthetic discomfort.

Thus, to say goodbye to these small dark hairs, laser hair removal is nowadays more and more practiced. Let’s take stock of this practice which allows women to regain their psychological and aesthetic well-being.

Cheekbone laser depilation: the technique

The cheekbone is the higher and more protruding part of the cheek, located below the eye and extending to the outer corner. The down is made up of small, slightly brown, almost invisible hairs. In some cases and depending on certain factors, this down may become more visible and small, darker hairs may appear.

The doctor must therefore make a clear distinction between hairiness and down in order to perform effective hair removal and avoid stimulating a fine hairy down. This reaction is more frequent on dark skin and in people suffering from hormonal imbalances. The doctor never removes hair from the down with a laser. He will be particularly careful when there is a completely isolated hair in an area covered with very fine down.

Épilation pommettes | Cheekbones depilation

Cheekbone laser depilation: the session

In general, cheekbone laser depilation sessions last about 15 minutes each.

Hair regrowth on the face is very rapid, about six months compared to twelve to eighteen months or more on other parts of the body. The shorter the hair cycle, the closer the sessions have to be to each other. For the face, a minimum of ten sessions are necessary to obtain a definitive result.

In case of paradoxical regrowth, the duration of the treatment and the number of sessions are extended. This phenomenon refers to the growth of hair on an area not treated by the laser, but which is close to a surface that has been depilated. These new hairs must then be treated. It is difficult to predict, but it is common in the facial area.

Before any cheekbone laser hair removal session, it is necessary to have a first consultation with a specialist doctor. The latter will then examine the patient’s skin and phototype, as well as the hair and the area to be treated. This first visit is also an opportunity for him to know the patient’s history and to detect any contraindications to the procedure.

On the day of the procedure, the doctor must follow certain steps to provide an optimal and lasting result for the patient:

  • First, the area to be treated is examined and checked for lesions. If the hair is too long, he may shave the cheekbones.
  • The device is then set up according to the colour of the hair and the patient’s phototype. The practitioner and the patient must wear protective glasses.
  • If this is the first cheekbone laser hair removal session, it is necessary to perform a test on a small area of the body.
  • Once the test has been performed, the area to be treated is scanned centimeter by centimeter. One second is enough to destroy about ten hairs.

After the session, the doctor applies a moisturizing and soothing cream to calm the burning and itching sensation but also to reduce the pain.

The results

The hair under the armpits becomes progressively finer and the regrowth becomes scarce. At the end of the treatment, about 90% of the hair no longer grows back. However, annual maintenance sessions should be scheduled to maintain the benefits of laser hair removal.

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