Dental whitening techniques

For snow-white teeth

Dental whitening includes all the dental aesthetic techniques that allow to lighten the teeth. Depending on the indication to be treated, the dentist will suggest the most effective method to restore a natural white colour.

Blanchiment dentaire | Dental whitening

Tooth whitening with carbamide peroxide

The whitening product used by dentists is a 10% or 16% carbamide peroxide gel. Applied to the teeth, it disintegrates into water ions and oxygen ions. The oxygen ions penetrate the enamel and dissolve stains.

It is the best tooth whitening to lighten yellow teeth.

Tooth whitening with trays

Tooth whitening with trays lightens yellow teeth. It is done at home for four weeks. The patient wears the trays for two to three hours in the evening (16% carbamide peroxide) or all night (10% carbamide peroxide). The result appears gradually during the course of treatment and lasts twelve to twenty-four months.

BlancOne®: Lightening of teeth by photoactivation

BlancOne® combines light energy with special photosensitizers to brighten yellow teeth. The tooth whitening gel based on 16% carbamide peroxide works in just a few minutes. The session lasts between ten and thirty minutes. The result is immediate and lasts between four months and three years.

Resin Infiltration: Icon®

Icon® consists of infiltrating white fluorosis stains on teeth with resin that resembles enamel. Under the intact surface layer of the teeth, the white stains have a porous area that absorbs the resin by capillary action. The result is immediate and lasting over time.

Internal bleaching

Internal bleaching consists of depositing a hydrogen peroxide product inside a devitalized tooth and allowing it to work for two to three weeks. The dentin gradually lightens. Two to three sessions are necessary to restore the original colour of the tooth. The result lasts about ten years.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are small, very thin ceramic shells that are placed on the front of the teeth. The result lasts for ten to fifteen years.

They are used to whiten the teeth in two very specific cases:

  • When there is no other tooth whitening technique that is suitable.
  • When the patient wants very white “sink-white” teeth that cannot be obtained in a natural way.

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