Dimple Surgery

Dimple surgery increases your attractiveness

Dimple surgery involves creating small dimples in the cheeks when the person smiles.

Directions: Create dimples in the cheeks.

Dimples are an anatomical feature due to the zygomatic muscle, a facial muscle that connects the cheekbone to the corner of the lips and is activated especially when smiling. When this muscle is shorter than normal, when the person laughs, it creates a small hollow in the cheek.

In some countries, dimples are considered a sign of fertility and good luck. In England, for example, dimples are said to be the mark made by God’s fingerprint on the cheek of a newborn baby.

Beyond superstition, dimples bring an undeniable charm. Some people are lucky enough to inherit this particularity “in the genes”. For others, there is an intervention that makes it possible to create them artificially.

Chirurgie des fossettes | Dimple Surgery

The process of the operation

The operation is performed under local anaesthetic on an outpatient basis and lasts just half an hour. There are no scars.

To create a dimple, the surgeon goes through the inside of the mouth and shortens the zygomatic muscle on a tiny surface. There is thus an adhesion between the skin and the mucous membrane of the cheeks and a small visible dimple is formed when smiling.

The dimples are very pronounced immediately after the operation for about two weeks. Afterwards, they will only be visible when the person smiles.

What happens after the operation

The cheeks are swollen for two to three days. The surgeon prescribes antibiotics and mouthwash for five days to prevent any risk of infection. You will be able to resume your activities immediately.

The results

The final result is obtained after one month. It is very natural. The dimples are invisible at rest and a slight dimple appears when the person smiles or laughs.

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