Double chin liposuction

Double chin liposuction: Slimming the oval of the face

To get rid of this double chin, which can cause many aesthetic complexes, liposuction is the ideal procedure to regain a harmonious face in a long-lasting way.

Double chin liposuction technique

The double chin can have several origins, it can be a slackening of the skin due to skin aging or weight loss. But this inconvenience can also be due to genetics: double chin can be hereditary. Whatever the origin, liposuction of the double chin is an effective intervention.

Gentle liposuction is well suited for the face because the amount of fat to be aspirated is minimal and the patient is not marked. It is therefore immediately presentable after surgery.

Génioplastie | Genioplasty

Anesthesia, duration, hospitalization

The anesthesia is local for double chin liposuction. Since the amount of fat to be aspirated is small on the double chin (compared to other areas with fat deposits, such as the thighs or hips), the liposuction procedure will be quick: less than an hour. The operation is performed on an outpatient basis. This means that you will not need to spend a night in hospital.

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