Face lifting

Face lifting: Rediscovering a younger face

You want to look ten years younger? Are you tired of seeing the wrinkles deepening on your face?… So many questions are asked every day about one of the problems of this century, aging skin.

Brands of all kinds are rushing to boast about the latest fashionable product. However, one of the most effective treatments against facial wrinkles remains the face lifting or cervico-facial lifting.

The face lifting operation

From your fifties onwards, you notice a significant sagging of the face, your features are then marked by a melting of fat, particularly in the cheeks. The oval of your face is therefore less clear and the jowls how to appear.

From the age of sixty, the whole face will sag. You then notice significant jowls, your neck begins to look like a turkey’s neck and the whole of your face loses its oval.

Today, the facial lifting allows you to correct the damage of time. It treats sagging face, sagging skin on your face and allows you to look ten years younger. Indeed, the face lifting tightens your skin at the level of the face and neck. This intervention allows you to regain physical and psychological well-being in people who are very affected by aging.

Lifting du visage | Face lifting

facial lifting : procedure of the operation

A first consultation is systematically carried out before a cosmetic surgery operation. This is an opportunity for your doctor to learn more about your expectations and needs. He will also examine your face as a whole and adapt his treatment to your morphology.

Each surgeon has his or her own method concerning the facelift. Nevertheless, certain basic steps will always be carried out to contribute to the smooth progress of the operation:

  • The surgeon will make incisions in your temples.
  • He then spreads them out along the face to form a “U” shape. These incisions are located as close as possible to the ears so as to be as inconspicuous as possible.
  • Then, he removes the skin, removes excess skin and redrapes your skin.
  • At the end of the procedure, he applies a compression bandage around your head and you will have to keep it on overnight at the clinic.

After the procedure, you will notice the appearance of swelling and bruising on your face. These will disappear on their own after a few days. You may also feel some pain, but this can be relieved by taking painkillers.

Anesthesia, duration, hospitalization

A cervico-facial lifting can be done under general anaesthesia and usually requires an overnight stay in hospital. The procedure can last between one and two hours.

The face lifting: the results before / after

A face lifting dramatically improves the appearance of the face. The re-tensioning of the different anatomical structures (skin, muscles, fat) of the face and neck allows the patient to regain the appearance that was his or her own, some ten years ago.

After two to three months, the mirror already gives a good image of what the final result will be. The scars, which are still a little pinkish, fade around the sixth month. The face looks rested, relaxed and refreshed.

The result should be visible yet discreet with well camouflaged scars, an ear with an intact lobe, a harmonious repositioning of the skin with no creases and above all no aesthetic incongruities that catch the eye like a fish-like mouth.

A face lifting generally lasts ten to twelve years. A second operation can be performed after this period, but it is not necessary in most cases. In fact, a facelift will not prevent the normal aging of the face.

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