Facial lipofilling

Facial Lipofilling: Rejuvenate with your own fat

Facial lipofilling consists of injecting one’s own fat to rejuvenate the figure or sculpt the features. This lipofilling technique is a good alternative to resorbable injection products of synthetic origin.

Indications: Rejuvenate and sculpt the face

Facial lipofilling makes it possible to :

  • Fill in wrinkles at the first signs of ageing: horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, frown lines, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, bitterness folds.
  • Give volume to the temples, cheekbones, hollow rings, under-orbital area, cheeks, oval of the face.
  • Change the shape of the nose or chin.
  • Repulp the lips and reshape the lip contour.
  • Give a glow: its own collagen improves the nutrition of the skin tissues (trophicity) in addition to having a filling and volumizing effect.
  • Correct severe acne sequelae (crater-like scars).
Lipofilling du visage | Facial lipofilling

Lipofilling: process of the operation

The facial lipofilling operation is performed under local anesthesia on an outpatient basis and lasts between one and two hours.

The surgeon needs a small amount of fat, only 20 to 30 cc. He performs a small liposuction, focusing on the inside of the knees, an area of the body where there is always a small amount of excess fat, even in thin people.

He then centrifuges the fat and, with a very fine needle, he will fill in the wrinkles, fill in the hollows or sculpt the shapes.

The advantages of a lipostructure of the face :

  • There is no risk of allergy or rejection since the fat used is that of the patient.
  • The effect is definitive unlike hyaluronic acid which is a resorbable product. It is also possible to first inject HA so that the patient has a preliminary idea of the result.

The injected fat is rich in growth factors and improves the quality of the skin. When facial lipofilling is combined with PRP injections, the numerous stem cells in the fat are activated and the production of new collagen is truly “boosted”.

What happens after the operation

There are a few ecchymoses that can be camouflaged with make-up and a slight swelling that will disappear in a week. Resumption of activities is immediate.

Lipofilling: the results

The result of facial lipofilling is visible immediately but will be definitive after three to six months. One to two sessions are sufficient. During the first one, we do not inject too much fat because the result being definitive, we prefer to add fat if it is necessary during a touch-up, especially since there is always a resorption of about 30% of the initial volume.

Once the fat graft has set, it is definitive.

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