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Follicular growth stages after the operation

In this article, we will show you the stages of follicular growth after a hair transplant operation:

  • From the first day to the tenth day:

In the first place, the follicles begin to merge with the surface of the skin, thus forming scales which disappear during the first ten washes.

These washes must follow a special method indicated by the doctor who will perform the operation.

  • From the first month to the third month:

The transplanted hair begins to fall relatively. Depending on the nature of the scalp, some people completely lose their grafted hair, others have falls with varying proportions and some do not have a total lack of hair loss.

During the third month, the follicular growth stage begins at around 10%.

  • From the third month to the sixth month:

At this stage, the results of the operation appear from 40 to 60%, and this percentage can vary depending on the nature of the scalp of each patient.

  • From the sixth month to the tenth month:

Hair growth continues to reach the final result and by the end of the year the results will have appeared 100%, except for the upper area of ​​the head (upper head) which needs about a year and a half for the results to appear 100% for reasons related to its poor blood supply.

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