Gynecomastia: how to treat male breasts?

Men also have mammary glands in their breasts. However, when a swelling of the mammary gland is found in men, it is called gynecomastia. This abnormal development of the mammary gland then gives rise to many complexes. Men often resort to breast surgery to make their breasts disappear and regain their physical and psychological well-being.

What is gynecomastia?

In men, the breasts may swell as a result of hormonal imbalance or even the taking of hormonal treatment such as steroids. Gynecomastia can also be a side effect of certain medications. Regardless of the cause, men may feel psychologically harmed by the appearance of small breasts.

The different types of gynecomastia:

  • Unilateral gynecomastia, where there is an asymmetry between the two breasts. You will then notice one breast more swollen than the other.
  • Diffuse, dendritic or nodular gynecomastia. When gynecomastia is nodular, it is then perfectly defined. If it is dendritic, then it has a triangular shape. On the other hand, when it is diffuse, it is not delimited.
  • Finally, gynecomastia can be glandular or fatty. If the swelling is the result of a mass of fat cells, the surgeon will perform adipomastia instead.
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Gynecomastia: process of the operation

Before any gynecomastia operation, you will see the surgeon during a first consultation. This is an opportunity for him to get to know your needs, your expectations and your history. He will perform an examination of the area to be treated and will determine the appropriate treatment for you.

During the operation, the surgeon performs several steps:

  • First, he performs a liposuction of the fat in your breasts. Indeed, he makes two small incisions hidden under the armpit and at the level of the fold under the breast. He then removes the excess fat using a fine cannula with a perforated foam tip.
  • He then performs a reduction of your mammary gland and makes an incision around each areola. Only a very fine scar in the shape of a semicircle will remain after the operation.
  • The skin is then tightened again. When you have a significant excess of skin and your skin is not elastic enough, the surgeon can remove the excess skin and redrape your chest.
  • At the end of the operation, the surgeon will suture the incisions and place a bandage over them.

Gynecomastia: anaesthesia, duration, hospitalization

The gynecomastia operation is performed under general anaesthesia and without hospitalization. You can go home the same day.

This operation lasts about an hour, depending on the amount of mammary gland to be removed, but also on the operations associated with the correction of your gynecomastia.

The results

The result of the gynecomastia treatment is immediately visible. The mammary gland will return to its normal bud-like appearance, and the excess fat will be removed by liposuction from the fat mass in the breast. The final result of the gynecomastia treatment will not be immediately visible after the operation. This definitive result, and the disappearance of the breasts, appears several weeks after the resorption of the oedema and the retraction of the excess skin. The breast fits harmoniously with the pectoral muscle. The man regains a more virile breast and can again go bare-chested or wear tight T-shirts in complete serenity.

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