Intimate laser depilation

Intimate laser depilation: how to get rid of hair?

Intimate depilation, whether by razor, epilator or wax, can be complicated. As a result, more and more women are resorting to laser hair removal to say goodbye to their hair for good.

Intimate depilation: the technique

Intimate laser depilation is a hair removal technique that reduces hair regrowth and gets rid of it permanently. To do this, a beam of light is projected onto the skin. Attracted by melanin, the energy of the beam is transformed into heat, which destroys the root of the hair.

Intimate laser depilation concerns, in women:

  • The areola of the breasts;
  • Between the two breasts, at the level of the sternum;
  • The classic bikini, notched or even full bikini.

In men, intimate laser depilation includes:

  • Pubic hair removal;
  • Complete removal of hair from the entire penis;
  • Scrotal hair removal.

Finally, hair removal from the buttock is a fairly common practice for both men and women.

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Intimate depilation: the session

For hair removal in intimate areas and if patients wish, they can choose a male or female doctor to preserve their privacy and be comfortable.

Intimate areas are not more sensitive than other areas of the body as long as the laser is properly set up. It takes between 5 and 8 sessions of about 15 to 30 minutes to obtain an optimal result.

As before any laser hair removal, a first consultation is necessary so that the doctor can examine the patient’s skin and hair. It is also an opportunity for the doctor to get to know the patient’s history, needs and expectations. Finally, he will detect possible contraindications that could prevent him from performing the procedure.

On the day of the operation, the practitioner will examine the skin and hair. Then, he will provide the patient with anti-UV protection glasses to protect his eyes from the laser beams. After adjusting and testing the device on a small area of the body, the doctor scans the treatment area with the laser.

After the session, the practitioner applies a moisturizing and soothing cream to reduce redness and soothe pain and itching.

The results

Over the course of the sessions, the patient may notice that hair growth is slowed down and that there are fewer hairs.

At the end of the treatment, on the treated area, about 90% of the hair is removed and the skin becomes smooth and soft. In some cases, additional sessions are to be considered in order to maintain the depilated area.

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