LED SkinScope

The LED SkinScope: Discover the skin on your face like you've never seen it before!

The LED SkinScope is a diagnostic tool for facial skin that reveals imperfections not visible to the naked eye or dormant in the deep layers of the epidermis. This process developed by the SkinCeuticals laboratory thus makes it possible to treat cutaneous photoaging before it even appears. 

Facial check-up with the LED SkinScope

The beautician begins by asking the patient about her lifestyle and her treatment routine. She will then try to understand how the patient feels about her skin and determine with her priorities for action.

The patient then inserts the head into the Skinscope LED. This device acts like a dermatological magnifying glass and analyzes the skin with two types of light.

Daylight mode

This mode highlights all defects visible to the naked eye such as wrinkles and fine lines, blurred complexion, redness, spots, oily and acne-prone skin.

The LED-UV mode

This mode detects areas of fluorescence nested in the epidermis that are invisible in natural light. The beautician then interprets the skin problems revealed by the LED SkinScope thanks to a very simple colour code:

  • Pale blue: Normal skin in good health.
  • White: Dead skin cells.
  • Dark blue: Thinner, dehydrated skin.
  • Brown: Dark spots and pigmentation.
  • Yellow: Oily areas of the face.
  • Dark pink or orange: Overloaded pores and blackheads.

The analysis of the diagnosis often allows the patient to become aware of the discrepancy between her feelings and the reality of the state of her skin.

Once the diagnosis has been established, the aesthetician determines a therapeutic protocol that takes into account the patient’s priorities.

LED SkinScope

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