LifeViz™ SkinCare

LifeViz™ SkinCare: An in-depth analysis of your skin's health!

LifeViz™ Mini, combined with SkinCare software, reconstitutes your face in 3D. This system, designed specifically for aesthetic dermatology, allows you to observe details on the skin surface with exceptional clarity.

3D photography of facial skin

The LifeViz™ Mini camera allows you to reconstruct your face in 3D by merging several shots taken from different angles.

Beforehand, the women must first be cleaned of make-up and remove their jewellery. Similarly, hair must be tied up and removed from the face.

While taking the pictures, you look far ahead without moving or talking. Three photos are taken. Thirty seconds are enough for LifeViz™ Mini to reconstruct your face in 3D.

LifeViz SkinCare

Skin analysis

The high quality images allow SkinCare software to highlight all skin defects with great precision.

There are 6 different tools available:

  • Wrinkles: Analysis of the depth, length and width of wrinkles.
  • Pores: Evaluation of the percentage of the deepest pores among all identifiable pores.
  • Skin Grain: Global measurement of the irregularity of the skin according to its fineness or roughness.
  • Sebum: Highlighting the shiny parts of the skin, associated with pores, with a focus on areas with excess sebum.
  • Pigmentation spots: Determination of areas with a high concentration of melanin predisposed to brown spots (lentigo, melasma, freckles, moles, etc.).
  • Vascular spots: Estimation of areas with redness (birthmark, telangiectasia, rosacea, rosacea, acne, rashes, erythema, etc.).

Defining your score

SkinCare software evaluates your data based on a reference population of the same age, gender and phototype.

For each indication, it calculates your score on a scale of -10 to +10 :

  • +10: Excellent skin condition (2.5% of the best subjects)
  • +5: Good (16% of the best subjects)
  • 0: Normal
  • -5: Bad (16% of the worst subjects)
  • -10: Poor skin condition (2.5% of the worst subjects)


The beautician has objective information to advise you on the most suitable treatments and cosmetic products according to your scores.

You will receive a copy of your personal report by e-mail.

At the end of the treatment, you will be able to superimpose before and after photos to evaluate the improvements made.

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