Nymphoplasty: For more embellished vaginal lips

Nymphoplasty (or labioplasty) is an intimate surgery operation that improves the aesthetic defects of the small and large vaginal lips.

Indications: Improve the appearance of the vaginal lips

When the woman wishes to correct the shape and / or size of the vaginal lips, she must have a nymphoplasty.

Lip enlargement

The vaginal lips may be too thick due to excess fat or skin. In practice, the demand relates mainly to the labia minora (nymphs) because:

  • Either an unsightly outgrowth: The labia minora emerging from the vulva’s cleft are visually disturbing because of their shape, color or appearance.
  • Or asymmetry: The labia minora are uneven in size.

Hypotrophy or atrophy of the lips

When the vaginal lips are too small (hypotrophy) or nonexistent (atrophy), it is possible to inflate them to restore their volume.

Nymphoplastie | Nymphoplasty

The process of the intervention

The labioplasty operation is performed under local anesthesia without hospitalization and lasts between thirty to forty-five minutes.

Reduction of the labia minora

The surgeon removes the superficial layer of the labial mucosa while maintaining the initial shape of the labia minora. Two techniques are possible:

Longitudinal Nymphoplasty

When the excess skin is spread over the entire length of the lip, the practitioner incises from top to bottom, then uses a buried suture technique to make the scar invisible. This technique makes it possible to remove a large amount of excess lip.

Triangular Nymphoplasty

When the excess skin is localized on a specific area, the surgeon removes a triangle of skin, either in the middle of the small lip or on its posterior half. The scar is hidden in the folds between the small and large lip.

Reduction of the labia majora

Big lips can be too thick

  • by excess fat: we do a little liposuction.
  • by excess skin: we remove the excess skin.

Augmentation of the labia minora and labia majora

When the labia vaginalis are too small, or even non-existent, labioplasty consists of lipofilling with fat taken from the patient to restore volume.

After the intervention

The nymphoplasty operation is not very painful. The absorbable stitches disappear spontaneously after ten to fifteen days. Wearing a skirt is preferable to trousers during the first days to avoid discomfort when walking. The patient must be particularly attentive to her intimate hygiene, in order to avoid problems of infection. Sexual activity can be resumed after about twenty days.

The results

The result is immediately visible and will be definitive after three months, when the lips have regained their suppleness. It is completely natural because the surgeon avoids overcorrections and respects the patient’s anatomy. He is particularly careful to keep a protective edge on the labia minora to protect the vaginal opening from possible infections.

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