Organization of the stay

A complete organization of your medical stay in Tunisia

How can we ensure your peace of mind and well being by choosing «HR le bon choix»? It’s simple, we take care of your entire medical stay with personalized services adapted to your desires and preferences.

A warm welcome

No matter where you come from and by what means of transport you arrive, your multilingual driver’s assistant will be there to welcome you.

He will have a sign with your name on it so you won’t miss him.

Organisation séjour_en

Organisation séjour_en

A pleasant and soothing ride

Aboard a comfortable and air-conditioned car, your first destination will be the clinic in order to spend a first night’s rest and make the presentation with the medical and paramedical staff.

Throughout the journey, you have the choice to listen to the radio, choose one of the available music playlists or if you prefer to remain silent. Your assistant driver will be at your disposal to ensure your relaxation and comfort.

Comfortable accommodation

Your assistant will be at your appointment as soon as you arrive at the clinic and will ensure the immediate availability of your room and that of your companion in order to unpack your belongings and make you comfortable.

Your assistant will be the guarantor of the quality of the accommodation, the quality and efficiency of the equipment, the quality of your meals and the respect of waiting times.

Organisation séjour_en

Organisation séjour_en

Preoperative consultation and guidance

A pre-operative consultation is necessary, generally the day after your arrival, firstly with an anaesthetist who will ensure the effectiveness of the anaesthesia by examining the various contraindications, and secondly with the surgeon who will explain the details of the operating protocol and answer all your questions and expectations.

An accompanied and quality intervention

It is never easy to feel totally reassured in an operating block environment, so we are personally committed to ensuring the quality, efficiency and safety of the equipment and the operating block room.

Once the operation is over, your assistant and nursing staff will be at your side from the moment you wake up to reassure you and take care of you. The doctor-surgeon will also be at your disposal to explain the post-operative instructions to be followed.

Organisation séjour_en

Organisation séjour_en

An organized recovery period

When you leave the clinic, your assistant driver will be at the appointment to accompany you to the hotel where you will find a spacious and well-equipped room waiting for you.

We care about our patients and their well-being, therefore we guarantee you the best conditions at the end of your stay with the presence of a nursing staff to ensure your post-operative health.

An infallible guarantee

Our services do not stop at the medical stay. In fact, we make sure to provide you with all the contact details to let us know your questions and comments after your departure.

We want you to be satisfied and we have the methods and tools necessary to do so, so we ensure your well being, the follow-up and reminder of your post-operative instructions and the response to all your information on the points relating to the operation.

Organisation séjour_en