Permanent make-up

The technique of permanent make-up (or dermopigmentation) consists of permanently pigmenting the eyebrows, eyelids or lips. It is the ideal solution for women who are tired of spending hours putting on make-up.

Indications: Make-up on the face

Permanent make-up is suitable for women who want to look flawless all day long but don’t have the desire, talent or time to put on make-up.

Dermopigmentation is a real seduction asset when it is discreet and natural. It allows to draw a perfect eyebrow line, to intensify the look with a fine black line, to bring out the colour of the mouth by filling the lips with a shade slightly more sustained than their initial shade or to trace the contour of the lips with subtlety.

It also has a corrective effect when eyebrows are sparse or non-existent following chemotherapy for example.

Thanks to the variety of colours, dermopigmentation is suitable for all skin tones, from light to dark.

Maquillage permanent | Permanent make-up

The course of the permanent make-up session

In agreement with the patient, the beautician creates a model with a cosmetic pencil. This line will serve as a reference during the entire procedure. She then applies an anaesthetic cream for optimal comfort during the dermography treatment.

She then proceeds to place the pigments in the dermis of the skin with very fine, sterile, single-use needles.

We use the Long Time Liner brand which has been the leading brand in the high-end segment of permanent make-up for over thirty years. It offers organic, stable and hypoallergenic natural pigments, i.e. without perfume or any other added ingredients.

The session lasts one to two hours.

The sequels of dermopigmentation

After the session, the lips and eyes are slightly swollen for two days and there are small crusts that fall off after a week.

Certain precautions must be taken for five days to protect the pigment:

  • No swimming pool, hammam or sauna.
  • In the shower, apply a thick layer of Vaseline.
  • During the day, moisturize the skin with a cream enriched with vitamin E.

The results

The result is visible immediately. However, the pigment loses about 40% of its colour within a fortnight after the session. The result is optimal after two touch-ups and then lasts 24 hours a day.

It is a permanent make-up that is long-lasting but not definitive. Over time, the color fades and fades away. It lasts 18 to 24 months depending on the colour and type of skin. After this period, it is advisable to make a touch-up to restore the radiance of the coloured pigments.

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