PRP for your skin

PRP for your skin

In the blood, we have three types of cells: red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets that are bathed in plasma. Here, only the blood platelets interest us.

In aesthetic medicine, autologous concentrated platelet extracts (from the patient) are used as a repair and revitalization product.

Among the most popular uses of PRP (platelet rich plasma), we can cite:

  • Skin revitalization or regeneration :

The growth factors contained in the platelet-rich plasma will stimulate local microcirculation and the production of collagen. The skin becomes softer, more toned and the complexion becomes rosier, more alive.

  • Brightening dark circles :

The injected product has the color of plasma (light yellow) and its consistency is very fluid. The result is regularly spectacular and natural: lightening of dark circles which then appear less marked.

  • The reduction of wrinkles :

Once under the skin, the P.R.P. (platelet rich plasma), takes on a gelatinous consistency. A fibrin screen is created which will be colonized by the surrounding cells. Thus, the PRP will recreate living tissue where it is injected. Unlike hyaluronic acid gels or other injectable fillers (which trigger a reaction on a foreign body with mild fibrosis), the tissue will remain flexible over time.

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