PRP and Mesotherapy

Nowadays, medicine offers different possibilities and techniques for hair recovery. PRP hair loss treatment uses the active growth factors contained in platelet-rich plasma to stimulate regrowth by acting directly on the stem cells of the hair follicle.

The PRP method

The PRP method is a hair treatment that stimulates the scalp using your own platelet-enriched plasma.

This hair treatment promotes hair growth while avoiding the risk of allergies or rejection because the plasma used is obtained directly from the patient’s blood.

This revolutionary method stimulates the production of cells within the hair follicles while maintaining an optimal environment for hair growth and care.


Sequence of a PRP treatment session

A nurse takes a blood sample, which is then put through a centrifuge to separate the different blood components and recover the platelet-rich plasma.

PRP is a product of your own body. It is therefore 100% biocompatible and carries no risk of allergy or rejection, and is injected into the scalp with a fine needle.

Platelets are living cells that will recreate tissue where they are injected. They contain growth factors that “wake up” the stem cells in the hair follicles and encourage them to make a new hair. The treatment consists of four sessions two weeks apart. Thereafter, one maintenance session per year is required. The session lasts about thirty minutes.

Is the result satisfying?

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After the first session, the hair already looks shinier, silkier and thicker to the touch. 

After the second session, there is a clear decrease in hair loss, which is reflected in the strengthening of the roots.

After the third and fourth session, you will notice hair regrowth and an increase in the quality and shine of your hair. 

Is there a risk with PRP treatment?

Apart from some redness that may occur in the following hours, as the platelet extracts come from your own body, the product is 100% biocompatible: the risk of intolerance is very limited. However, it is better to warn your doctor in case of severe allergies.

PRP during a hair transplant operation

The grafts taken from the neck are placed in a storage bath based on saline and PRP.

The survival of a follicular unit depends on its ability to exchange oxygen with the area on which it is implanted until true vascularization of the graft occurs. Platelet-rich plasma promotes this oxygen exchange, makes the graft more resistant and thus increases the chances of a successful micrograft.

The interest of the method lies in the fact that it is natural. There is no foreign product, so there is no risk of reaction.

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