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Sapphire technology

The SAPPHIRE FUE transplant presents a remarkable improvement of the standard procedure. The difference is mainly based on the material of the equipment, which has significant effects on the final results.

As its name suggests, Sapphire FUE uses special sapphire blades, instead of ordinary steel blades, during the process of creating scalp incisions.

The use of sapphire stone as the material of the blades influences the shape of the blade and, therefore, the final result. The sapphire blades have a V-shaped spindle, unlike the regular U-shaped spindle of steel blades. The sharp edge of the sapphire blades allows much more precise incisions ensuring the opening of smaller channels and thus eliminating the risk of irritation of neighboring hair follicles and scars.

The lack of risk of irritation of neighboring follicles makes sapphire transplant an ideal surgery for men and women suffering from recent hair loss, because the density of their hair will still be high.

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