The advantages of sapphire technology

The advantages of sapphire technology

This technology occupies a unique position among other hair transplant techniques due to a set of advantages, namely:

  • This technique is suitable for all cases of hair loss.
  • Using this technique, the doctor can grow a large number of follicles (up to 6000).
  • Very fine holes are made to grow follicles.
  • Helps reduce damage to scalp tissue.
  • This technique leaves no trace of openings after the hair transplant.
  • Speed up the post-operative recovery process because the open canals are very precise and quick to heal.
  • Opening of channels with an appropriate depth, which would ensure the stability of the planted follicle
  • Opening the channels with precision, allowing a large number of follicles to grow in the natural directions of the hair.
  • Can be used for hair transplant without shaving
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