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The causes of hair loss

There is no doubt that the problem of hair loss causes embarrassment in many people, which usually leads to a hair transplant. But in some cases, this loss can be reduced otherwise, without resorting to treatment or surgery. So before understanding the different solutions offered, we will look at the different causes of hair loss.

The causes of hair loss are many and vary from person to person. We can quote:

  • Hereditary causes, especially for male pattern baldness.
  • Anemia and lack of vitamins in the body.
  • Rapid weight loss from certain diets.
  • Pressure and nervous tension.
  • The stress
  • Excessive use of the hair dryer.
  • Frequent use of shampoos and tinctures, especially those containing ammonia.
  • Malnutrition
  • Certain skin diseases such as alopecia areata.
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