Underarm depilation

Underarm laser depilation: how to remove underarm hair?

Underarm depilation is a fairly common request among women. For comfort or aesthetic reasons, about 9 out of 10 women say they use a razor, electric epilator or any other means to say goodbye to their underarm hair.

Thus, more and more women wish to have recourse to laser hair removal to say goodbye, almost definitively, to a hairiness that has become embarrassing. Focus on armpit hair removal and the procedure.

Underarm depilation: the technique

Underarm depilation is a procedure that removes hair from under the arms almost permanently. In general, underarm hair is considered a sign of complacency. However, underarm hair removal has the advantage of limiting the smell of perspiration. Indeed, when depilated, the armpits retain less odour.

The ideal condition for underarm depilation is very fair skin and black hair. Nevertheless, dark or matt skin can also have recourse to this intervention. Thus, the laser intensity will be lower.

In general, underarm hair is very receptive to laser depilation. Indeed, the hair, which is highly pigmented, is full of melanin and can be destroyed in just a few sessions.

Épilation aisselles | Underarm depilation

Underarm depilation: The Session

Regrowth under the armpits is quite slow, so sessions are spaced 8 to 10 weeks apart. Generally, 6 to 8 sessions of underarm hair removal are necessary to obtain optimal results. Each session lasts about 10 minutes.

Before an armpit hair removal, a first consultation with a specialist doctor is necessary and allows him/her to know your history, but also your expectations regarding this procedure. It is also an opportunity for him or her to examine your skin and hair to determine the number of sessions and the intensity of the laser during your hair removal.

On the day of your first session, the practitioner will check your skin and the shaving of your armpits. If they are not shaved properly, he may have to do it himself. To avoid feeling pain during the session, he will first apply an anaesthetic cream to your armpits.

Then, he gives you protective glasses that you must wear during the session. He then sets the laser parameters and, to control the intensity, he tests a small part of your body. When you feel a pain similar to a needle prick, the laser is correctly adjusted.

It then scans the area with a handpiece that will emit pulses of light. The doctor will pay attention to the possible presence of down on the inside of the arm.

The skin in this area of the body is very thin. You may experience redness in the hours following the session. After the session, the doctor will apply a cream (Biaphine or Cicalfate) to avoid any irritation. It is advisable to avoid wearing deodorant directly after the session as the skin may be sensitive for a few hours.

The results

The hair under the armpits becomes progressively finer and the regrowth becomes scarce. At the end of the treatment, about 90% of the hair no longer grows back. However, annual maintenance sessions should be scheduled to maintain the benefits of laser hair removal.

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